We have standardised ourselves with the recent innovations in the Banking and Finance Sector especially to suit the modern applicable texts of the aforementioned areas of the Law. We have legal experts who are well versed with the OHADA and COBAC laws applicable to the French States and 6 member states of CEMAC respectively. In this regard, we obtain and advise our clients on Loan procedures, we arbitrate between individuals and Business institutions and Business institutions inter se, we counsel and draft Articles of Associations for Business institutions e. t. c.



We have an excellent repute which gives us a good percentage of representation of Commercial matters in the Courts. This we hope to carry to higher heights with our international clients and partners.



We have rendered legal assistance to theft of corporate property by individuals and other intuitions who have unscrupulously misused such corporate properties for their selfish ends. We have equally sought redress to such persons who suffered such losses as a result of malicious prosecution of corporate criminal matters. We have equally served our esteemed clients to reduce the severity or corporate matters by conducting equitable out of court settlement with aggrieved parties, satisfied our clientele with the identification of fraud by some malicious individuals who intended to commit fraud, we have equally stabilised where there were disagreements between employees of our clients’ institution e. t. c.



In our relentless effort to curb criminality and crime wave; in our drive to seek redress to those who have suffered legal injury; bestowed with the task to ensure that those who contravene the law are punished we therefore defend clients who have suffered wrongs and provide legal assistance to clients’ who show remorse for their wrongful acts.



In our continuous effort to curb human rights violation, our office has depicted itself as a quintessence of respect for human rights, we have partnered with Humanitarian Institutions like Pro Bono Group, and Human rights Watch, in order to combat abusive violation of human rights. We have also ensured that persons whose rights have been breached have sought redress. We have tailored our activities with our foreign partners like the Human rights watch to protect the rights of those who can’t afford legal counsel, in order to ensure fair trial to all our clients and potential clients.We have equally responded to situations of human rights violations when reached, we make visits to the prison cells and make recommendations where necessary of some horrendous situations. We also look forward to partner with other institutions who seek to share our views with regard to the protection of Human Rights and specifically the rights of LGBTI persons.



In the government’s effort to compel individuals and institutions to respect the CIMA Code, the laws relating to insurance is still very complex to the mentioned persons and their knowledge of these applicable texts. The harmonised Insurance law practiced within the CEMAC zone and the other states is a booster to the office because we have no difficulties in understanding the CIMA Code and its uniformity in our areas of practice. We therefore render legal advice to victims of motor vehicle accidents, advise on the CIMA Code and the beneficial interest of the law, encourage potential investors and foreign investors of the protection afforded by the CIMA Code, and enlighten our clients on how to pursue matters relating to Insurance and Assurance.



We advise clients on how to plan their estates, dissolution of property, counsel them on the beneficial interests of making wills, testamentary dispositions and follow-up of charitable dispositions. We also have proficient lawyers who draft wills, codicils and testamentary dispositions and are very competent in the execution of wills. We also render legal services relating to adoption, give marital advise, legitimisation, petition for divorce, recognition of children and possible reconciliation between spouses.



We represent the interest of some companies and act as arbitrator for and within the company. We have recorded great success in this regard and hope to achieve more. We also have ensured that workers’ rights are not breached and workers have got their entitlement in such situations. We draft contracts of employment and other labour related contracts and conclude collective and individual labour conflicts.



Since the world is witnessing great development in information technology and telecommunication, we offer legal services to such companies willing to invest in Cameroon, those who have been victims of cyber theft and hacking. In particular we well versed with the new law on cyber criminality. We offer legal counseling and defend the interest of our clients investing in Cameroon.



In as much as we defend producers of goods and services we also ensure that these products serve the purpose for which they deserve, they are of perfect quality and they meet the consumers’ taste. We also defend the rights of individuals who have suffered wrong as a result of defective products.



Our firm can boast of excellent lawyers knowledgeable with the laws applicable at the African Intellectual Property Organisation (OAPI) who can defend the interest of Institutions having Trademarks, Patents and other Intellectual property rights.