International Development Institute (IDI)

CEO of IDI: Mr Parashu Nepal

Program Manager, Africa: Martin A. Unabi,

Managing Partner: Ambassador Sidi

The Time Law Firm International Liaison officer /Rapporteur: Rule of Law Initiative

International Development Institute (IDI), established in 2007, is an institute based in Washington, D.C (USA). It provides capacity building and institutional strengthening programs, primarily through highly effective short-term Courses, Capacity Development Projects, Training and Workshops, Study Tours, and Observation Visits. These services are provided to the officials from developing countries, NGOs, Corporations, and International Organizations to equip their personnel with adequate knowledge of processes to ensure that the capacity building and institutional strengthening is sustained. IDI has designed, developed and delivered training and capacity development programs in developing countries in the areas of Project Management (Appraisal, Supervision, Monitoring & Evaluation), Alternative Dispute Resolution, Legislative Drafting, Corporate Governance, Capital Markets Development, Bank Restructuring and Governance, Privatization and Post-Privatization, Trade/WTO/Trade Facilitation, Social Security/Pension Reform, Anti-Corruption and Good Governance.




PRO BONO GROUP; is a registered Non-Governmental, Non-Political and Non Profit making organization that renders pro bono legal services to persons who cannot afford for defence counsel.

PRO BONO GROUP works in Partnership with THE TIME LAW FIRM-Kumba, INTERIGHTS-London and HUMAN RIGHT WATCH-Nairobi-Kenya.

Registration N0: Ref: 39/D14/5/506 Of 08/11/2011 at Kumba, Meme Division, South West, Republic of Cameroon.